Listen. Empathise. Speak.

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You and I, we’re doing our best as parents. Every day. Yes, we have shitty days. Things go wrong; we sometimes shout; we say things we don’t mean; we are unfair.

We apologise and move on. Parenting is hard, parenting is tough. Don’t be too self-critical. Instead of feeling guilty and judged, be kind to yourself.

If you’re empathic to yourself, you can be this way to your children and partner. Accept things as they are now, reflect and work on becoming better.

Listen. Empathise. Speak. I developed this approach for a respectful communication with our children, partners and friends. We often jump to conclusions, give advice or try to convince others… well, we could change that by listening actively and showing empathy. Sounds interesting to you? Would you like to reconnect with your family?

I support you in becoming the father you want to be, so you can enjoy your family life fully!

I truly believe that fathers of today want to talk about their feelings, expectations, worries and emotions. They are ready for the next step: A New Generation Of Fathers!


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2 thoughts on “Listen. Empathise. Speak.

  1. Hi There,

    I really like your blog. I really like your style. 🙂 It’s great to see other like minded dad bloggers. I’m really keen to work with others if you fancy it. Guest posts or promoting each other or anything.

    Check out my blog and leave a comment if you get a sec. 🙂


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