WIN The Opposite of Worry

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IMG_1614Time to WIN. Lawrence Cohen is the author of “Playful Parenting” and “The Art of Roughhousing”. Both books are awesome and great to read. However, today I give away one copy of Cohen’s latest book: “The Opposite of Worry” – Great stuff? Yes, I think so too. So, what is the job? Don’t worry, you don’t have to sing or dance. Much easier: Just write a little comment on Dads Talk’s facebook site about your BEST experience as a father. Or if you’re not a father yourself, but witnessed great moments of parenting/fathering, let me know. …and if you like – spread the word, share your comment and this site on your timeline and let people know what you think. Ready? Awesome! The brand new book is waiting for a new home!


Author: Torsten Klaus

I'm here to talk about modern fatherhood and about the way dads of the 21st century could live a happy, content and relaxed life. What actually is modern fatherhood? Fathers who can show empathy, who can listen and reflect, fathers who love unconditionally. I'm the author of the amazon bestseller 'The Empathic Father' and I believe in equal parenting.

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