Parenting and Empathic Fathers, Relationships

Checklist To Start The Weekend

  • Allow enough playtime for and WITH your kids
  • Surprise your family with a new dish that you cook (or even cook together)
  • Build a den
  • Make some musical instruments out of shoe boxes, elastic band, old yoghurt pots filled with rice or lentils – and have a family concert
  • Run over fields and chase cows
  • Have time to yourself (read, sleep, meditate, dance, do what you like)
  • Turn TV, laptops, phones etc. O F F (no stand by, no quick check, no cheating – off means off)
  • Invite your neighbours for a tea or coffee (they’ll bring the cake)
  • Say THANK YOU to your partner, or your parents, or to a friend or a stranger
  • On Sunday night meet with your family and talk about all the things that happened this weekend


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