Dads Talk on BBC Radio Gloucestershire

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chris baxter and torsten klaus

What an awesome afternoon I had: On Tuesday, 15th July, I met with Chris Baxter from BBC Radio Gloucestershire in sunny Stroud.

We talked about dads, my work for and with fathers, football, Germany and – of course – the campaign ‘Awesome Workshops for Awesome Dads’. It was so nice to chat with Chris. The interview went live in his show next morning.

You can listen to it via the BBCAudioPlayer until Tuesday, 22nd July:
(starts at 01:08:39)

A BIG THANK YOU to Chris, the BBC-Team and all the great people who support my campaign!

Now, you can listen to the interview (and see some photos) on YouTube!



Author: Torsten Klaus

I'm here to talk about modern fatherhood and about the way dads of the 21st century could live a happy, content and relaxed life. What actually is modern fatherhood? Fathers who can show empathy, who can listen and reflect, fathers who love unconditionally. I'm the author of the amazon bestseller 'The Empathic Father' and I believe in equal parenting.

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