Here are some awesome bits and pieces people are saying about my work and published articles/blogs. Cheers!

HolParMag Feedback

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“I’ve been working 6 days a week and late in the evenings not seeing my wife and son much. However, reading your pieces really helped me think more about my life and my families. I’ve stopped working Saturdays and get home early enough every day to see my family. It’s a big difference financially but absolutely no regrets. Just wish I had done it earlier! Thank you Torsten!”
Peter, Yokohama, Japan

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“I just wanted to say thanks again for your article – it’s drummed up a lot of interest and is easily the most popular page on the fromadaddy blog this whole year!!!”
(Guest posting on www.fromadaddy.com)
Paul, Netherlands

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e pantleyElizabeth Pantley is the author of eight popular parenting books (e.g. No-Cry Sleep Solution), available in 18 languages, and she was a contributing author to The Successful Child with Dr. William and Martha Sears.

You find her on www.pantley.com

Elizabeth Pantley, Washington, USA



“It’s good to see males doing something other than what the common stereotypical world sees them as. I think there’s probably a great deal of many people that don’t see the dads staying at home as the “norm” and I suppose if we are to have true equality it probably starts with things like this.”
Sajan, Leicestershire, UK

“Great read! It’s relieving to know that I’m not the only one out there that thinks about this stuff. (…) So thankful for all this transparency.”
Jamal, Atlanta, USA


robin“I really enjoyed going to the Dads Group in Stroud. Torsten was warm and welcoming, helping me (and the other dads) feel settled and relaxed in the group. He was great with the children and my son loved the playtime activities, which were well thought out. I felt uplifted after the sessions, and I think Torsten was instrumental in this, offering the fathers a friendly environment and the time to be able to share family experiences with each other.”
Robin, Gloucestershire, UK




“I loved the work that Torsten was doing with the Dads chris feedbackGroup. To have such a mix of fathers from all backgrounds coming together to play, sing and enjoy the father and sibling quality time. But I felt it also turned into much more with the Dads supporting each other with an open ear or a shared experience. Trust was built through all taking part and all sharing in being engaged and active in the time spent with each other and the kids.
The support Torsten gave to me was always so strengthening. I felt heard and understood, which supported my parenting decisions.”
Chris, Graz, Austria


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