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How often do you feel really understood? Or do you think it’s easier at times to count the moments of misunderstanding, frustration, anger, blame and guilt? The Empathic Father will shed light on the issues we often experience when we try to communicate with our partner, and when we might get stuck with our daily challenges of parenting.

Fathers of today do want to talk about their feelings, expectations, worries and emotions. They are ready for the next step; A New Generation of Fathers!

We need to encourage every dad to become a part of this new way of authentically communicating with their loved ones to build a compassionate, loving foundation for the future. The more dads who really want to make a change in the way they see their partnerships and parenting, the more we will see happier and balanced families and relationships.

Topics I discuss in my NEW eBook for dads-to-be:

Birth as beautiful event +++ Positive birth stories +++ Emotional preparation for fatherhood +++
What about sex life after birth? +++ Balance between fatherhood, work and family life +++
Reflecting on your own childhood +++ PND in men +++ incl. A4-poster “The Supportive Birth Partner” to keep you focused and calm at the time of birth.


What people think about my book “The Empathic Father” and my work:

This is a book written from the heart of a truly gentle man, we can all learn something from him.
Phil Pryer, Managing Director Lads and Dads Club (UK)

Breathtaking. Beautifully Written.
Howard Yeomans, Editor Velo Vision Magazine

Love this guy.
Elizabeth Pantley, Author of Parenting books

I wish I’d had the opportunity to read this book when I first became a Dad. Torsten reads like a friend, someone who understands what you’re thinking and feeling.
Chris Baxter, Broadcast Journalist & Presenter BBC Radio Gloucestershire

Holistic Parenting Magazine’s favorite new fathering book.
Holistic Parenting Magazine US/Canada, January/February 2016

Torsten is a straight talking and honest father with his heart in exactly the right place – with his family.  A role model and inspiration to all of us dads!
Paul Wandason, Father and Blogger at

This book is very helpful for dads, especially those of us who may have hard time being ‘in touch’ with our feelings. Klaus’ advice on how to handle a multitude of parenting and marriage challenges by leading with empathy should help many dads and their families. Written to be very readable and relatable, I recommend this for dads who wish to improve their most important relationships.
Scott Behson, PhD, Author of ‘The Working Dad’s Survival Guide’

This is a great book to read for mums AND dads! Parenting is challenging and Torsten offers so many useful ways to make it easier through his compassionate and warm sharing of his own journey through parenting. It’s very easy to read and you really get a sense of who Torsten is because there are no pretenses. I recommend you read this book and experience more kindness and understanding to yourself as a parent. We all deserve this!
Stephanie Parker, Hand-in-Hand Parenting Instructor



A lovely review by the Holistic Parenting Magazine, US/Canada, HERE

Read an interview and review by Scott Behson, PhD, HERE

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…more praise and 5*****-reviews on amazon UK, US & Germany:

“Many fathers, new and experienced, find the journey towards being a ‘good Dad’ a hard one. With a mentor like Torsten the journey is made much easier. Torsten cuts through the noise of stereotypes and modern pressures and speaks to men in a way that enables us to recognise and accept the truth about ourselves, both in strength and in weakness. From that understanding he provides us the tools to understand our relationships and role within them and so build the emotional strength that really matters to our partners and children.”

“A book for all fathers who want to get the most out of fatherhood. In this day and age of stress etc it’s often difficult to get that all important life/work balance. Here Torsten shows us the way. A perfect gift for fathers day.”

“What a fabulous book -a total must read for mums as well as dads; I highly recommend. Its easy to read, enlightening and really thought provoking for everyone on the parenting journey.”

“Who says Fathers can’t be just as empathic as Mothers?! Who says we can’t teach our sons to be just as empathic as our daughters?! Torsten very wonderfully shows us that fathers expressing their feelings can help make our world a better place. Buy this book, and become an Empathic Father!”

What a brilliant book for both fathers and mothers. Torsten Klaus walks with you gently on the parenting journey tackling difficult issues we all face with warmth, honesty and encouragement. I found the sections on work-life balance, authentic parenting and the importance of nurturing your own relationship particularly helpful. The book is really clearly written with useful summaries at the end of each section.


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