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My Dear Gentle Boys – A Love Letter





stay-at-home you tube
Yes, I used to be a full time stay-at-home dad! To entertain the family and you, my children and I made this lovely clip in 2014. Enjoy!





baxter klaus
Chris Baxter from BBC Radio Gloucestershire and I met for a lovely talk about fatherhood, equal parenting and workshops for dads. Enjoyed so much talking to him!
(To listen to the interview, please click the picture)



BBC Anna King
Anna King (BBC Radio Gloucestershire) talks to me about my book ‘The Empathic Father’, modern fatherhood and what the government should do to support families. Broadcasted on 11th December 2015.
(To listen to the interview, please click the picture)



Great Dads Respect - Dads Talk
In November and December 2014 I supported the UN Campaign End Violence Against Girls and Women. With local events and my own project Great Dads Respect Girls and Women I raised awareness and reached out to others fathers and men from the community. Anna King from BBC Radio Gloucestershire talked to me on her radio show about the campaign.
(To listen to the interview, please click the picture)



FatherNation Banner

I talked to Jesse Foster from Father Nation about a dads role, supporting your partner, and taking time for family life and much more in this episode of Father Nation. Listen to Jesse Foster’s show!
(To listen to the show, please click the picture)



father nation button
Jesse Foster from Father Nation talked to me about fatherhood, parenting and partnerships. (See above) This video is just a short promo. For the full length interview, please click the clip above. Thank you, Jesse!
(To watch the promo, please click the picture)




dads talk meet parent entrepreneur“The Dadpreneur Journey of Fatherhood and Entrepreneur Success with Torsten Klaus” Listen to Mary Kathryn Johnson’s podcast where we talk about my project, fatherhood and the great moments in life! What fun we had 🙂 (Click the pic)




My articles and posts for the Huffington Post

…More stuff at The Good Men Project

…Some Royal advice, again for HuffPost UK

…Chris Lewis from ‘Dads in the Limelight’ interviewed me

…Great fun with the Attachment Parenting International site APtly Said

…Talking about depression in fathers in Australia’s

…A little quote in the US magazine SheKnows

…Talking about work-life-balance at Dads Round Table

Scott Behson, PhD, reviewed my book and interviewed me for his blog

…Being part of the Peaceful Parenting series by Joanna Steven

…Talking about ‘Trying for a baby’ on HuffPost UK

…a little comment for Kate Orson from Hand-in-Hand Parenting, who wrote about how to tidy up with your kids

…an article for the print and online edition of the Holistic Parenting Magazine on finding the time for closeness, sex, and intimacy in the parenting years


more to come. watch this space.


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